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If you remember classic series of films of The X-Men, then you know from where this Character has been emerged. Hugh Jackman who portrayed as Logan / Wolverine in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He is an astounding and famous Australian superstar who had foreseen his careen in Hollywood for quite a while. He has worn Wolverine Leather Jacket when worked in this flick. Sixteen years ago people demanded such great attraction to be a part of Cosplay Comic Con with the complete depiction of Wolverine Costume and has been well paid honor since then.

Historic Events of the Brothers:

The History between the two brothers, Logan and Victor goes something like this. When it was the year 1845 Logan and Victor watched their father’s murder. He was killed brutally by one of his uncles. Brothers were taken in by a Governmental Agency and when they grew up, they worked for United States Army. Torn apart their enemies by their mutagen claws. Until one day Victor could not control his hunger and killed a military woman. Logan tried to save at his best but he failed and decided to flee away with his brother. Although later Victor skipped the scene and joined another top secret agency while Logan went off to Canada in the woods.

Abrupt passing of Logan’s Love:

Logan spend a precious time in the Woods and met a woman of his dreams, he fell in love with Kyla, and they moved in together and loved each other. Once fine morning, Victor came and found Kyla and wasted no time in killing her, while Logan was away working as a Jackhammer. Victor had already joined the dark side, all this was just to gain Logan’s attention and to make him join the bad side. Although Logan would never join this type of stage, he was sick and tired of being directed by someone else and not letting him use his emotions, what so ever. Logan seek Victor and beats him so bad, but once again Victor manages to run away and disappeared into the woods. X Men Origins Wolverine Jacket Once day they met again at the end when the film closes, the suppressed their emotions and said goodbye and never to see each other again.


The Conclusion drawn to this story as the brothers, both suffered painful past as a child when they watched their father killed by their own family member. Yet they met their destiny in a brutal sense of ways and become a mutant which did not turn out well as they were used by the governmental agencies and the US Military to wage wars. Even when Victor killed Logan’s girlfriend Kyla, putting the blame on him and was arrested by the authorities and tortured to create something better and stronger out of him to continue the dirty game plan.

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