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Here I am just like you, watching my favourite TV shows and never took notice to the production side of them, why not?

Of course I am about to talk about the one and only Greg Berlanti. The producer or co-producer of all the best TV shows around. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow and, the brilliant Blindspot. That's right this one guy along with team has worked on all these series and more.

I first got into TV shows mainly by watching a show called "Eli Stone". One of the greatest shows with only managing to get two seasons (Come on Netflix, do your thing). This show was one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. I mean everything you want in a TV show, this had it. Surely you know who created it? No? Really?

Greg Berlanti at CW confrence
Greg Berlanti at CW confrence

Yep. That is the guy. Pretty normal guy right?

Anyway, when I saw that show I was 12 years of age and did not understand the true brilliance of it.

A couple of weeks ago me and my friend had re-watched all of the DC TV shows from the beginning then, started to try and find a new TV show to give our fix before the return of the shows. Getting into another TV show after watching them from the beginning is a challenge itself. However, after some tears off thinking I couldn't watch anything good enough, I came to remember about a little guy with a brain tumour. This guy was Eli Stone (Elementary star: Jonny Lee Miller).

Never would I of thought that I would see so many familiar faces from the DC universe. Now, this is a truly special thing that happened. These faces are so familaiar within the DC tv universe: Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells, Harry, HR), Victor Garber (The beast, Martin Stein), Matt Letscher (The Time Defying Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne). This is just a few. You may remember the Calculator from Arrow? Yep he's in it. Why wouldn't he be?

Hold on... Wilson Fisk?

No, that my fellow nerdy friends is magic man Marc Guggenheim. This guy along with Berlanti produced Eli Stone. Not only that he has worked with Berlanti on the DC TV universe. Crazy right?

These two have worked together on an unimaginable amount of brilliant productions. Let's forget Green Lantern.

Now how often is it that you see such loyalty to people in the film/TV industry? You don't however, these two seem to keep a tight 'family' if you'd like. In my opinion this has helped the shows in a huge way. The actors know the producers and, the producers know the actors. Even in one of Berlantis' recent shows 'Blindspot' you get a sneak peak at Rag-Man himself playing David.

I truly believe that this has helped the shows as they know the way each other work and they must get along fairly well to accept to be part of each others working life again.

Furthermore, away from the acting side who else helped produced the DC TV universe?

Andrew Kreisberg
Andrew Kreisberg

This guy and never guess what he co produced back in 2008? Go on, you can guess!

Yep Eli Stone. Now, I am far from saying that the fact that these producers are the sole reason the shows work, of course not however, after this you can't exactly say it didn't help?

If you haven't even heard or seen Eli Stone then i would give it a watch I truly would. You'd start to notice little similarities between the shows they have worked on.

With just over 3 weeks till the premiere of Riverdale and just under 3 weeks till our favourite TV shows return, what else can give you the fix you need than watching the other shows? Give it a go, you'll be impressed!


Will you be giving Eli Stone a watch?

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