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A choice that sends you towards the path that is fashion design should be a long term project and not just an instinctive decision in one’s life. There is no doubt that it is one of the best paying industries in today’s date, but all of it, for obvious reasons, comes at a cost.

Hyderabad serves as one of the, if not the best source for receiving an education in fashion design in the country. Given all of the colleges that teach fashion design as a part of their curriculum, and the fact that there is also a NIFT that was set up in 1986 (Under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles, Gov. Of India) it is an obvious destination for anyone genuinely interested in the stream. NIFT-Hyderabad has emerged to be the premier Institute of design and management and also technology. It has spent time and has made huge strides in developing professionals for taking up leadership positions in the fashion business and also in the entire emerging global scenario.

Apart from NIFT, there are also a large number of other colleges in Hyderabad which provide you with premier education in Fashion Design Courses. All of these are colleges that have been recognized and have formed a name for them in the industry. This implies that the placement statistics in the colleges are consistent, and that all of what you learn here has undergone a series of improvement and constant re-evaluation to make it the best for the students that come there in order to study.

• Choice of Courses

The colleges offer a massive choice of courses as far as the stream is concerned, which produces professionals in all departments and the fashion development industry. This also gives the students an opportunity to form contacts and have a foothold in their future workplace. There have been huge companies that start off in Hyderabad, and it provides massive exposure just as well.

Design management, textiles, pattern drafting and garment construction are just a few of the fashion designing courses that colleges in Hyderabad offer to their students. These form the core content, and these are then integrated with a lot of other subjects to increase ones overall growth in the field.

• Experienced Teachers

All of the teachers that end up teaching in these premier colleges have had thorough testing procedures that they went through to reach this phase and have had nothing but brilliant reviews. They are all highly qualified and train you to be the best that you can be.

The education that you can look forward to here will last all though your professional life and will be something you cherish all through your life. Instead of traditional rote learning, this leaves you with the opportunity to actually learn about the subjects that you are passionate about.

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