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Kampar River flows through Gopeng, which is a small town about few kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur, has many pre-war shop houses. This quiet and unpretentious place that is the gateway to some of the most daring outdoor activities in Peninsular Malaysia. Reaching Gopeng by bus will surely make the best of journey, order online tickets from redbus and simply enjoy travel on wheels.

The most famous activities that will gear up your adrenaline rush is the extreme fun of white water rafting in the Kampar River. The panoramic waterway has been created by the merging of three Perak rivers, Geruntum River, Geroh River and Pacat River. The journey itself is a memorable experience as visitors will pass by some of the most beautiful places in Gopeng with a whole spectrum of landscapes. During the fruit season, you will be looking with envy at the fruit orchards flanking both sides of the narrow, winding road. You can also enjoy the tranquillity of the quaint traditional villages along the way. You shall sight a many-year-old water pipe that stretches from the nearby mountains through the major settlements to the old mining area; villagers are still using the water supplied by it.

The entire adventure is not one huge “liquid pandemonium” but also offers scenic and relaxing experiences. There are also flat areas in the river for you to breathe after conquering tough rapids. A trip on this river is a two-hour, adrenaline-pumping sojourn along a long stretch depending on the water levels.

One of the most significant things a rafter has undergo before starting his or her journey down the breath taking twists, turns and drops of water course is the water confidence activity. Depending on the level of the water, there is a probability of you being thrown out of the raft. Water confidence activity helps you to get prepared for the worst. So just get geared up for the best!

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