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Should Monica and Chandler really be together? Or do you think they should be with different people? Should Ross and Rachel be together or are they better off being with different people as well? What about Joey and Rachel would they have been a better couple than Rachel and Ross? Monica and Chandler have been friends for years and know each other very well. But should they have ended up together?

Monica, Ross, Chandler, and Rachel have known each other for years. They met when Ross went to college and brought Chandler home for Thanksgiving. It would make sense for them to be together in a relationship. But is there someone better?

Monica&Richard vs. Monica&Chandler

Now lets admit...Monica and Richard were a good couple. Even though Richard was way older than her, they were good together. They just paired up well. They have known each other for years as well (a little weird to think that Richard has known Monica since she was little and he was like in his 20s..). They both have shared some good memories and they have fun together. During their relationship they didn't have any fights (well that we know of). They only time we saw them in distressed was when they were breaking up. Now with Monica and Chandler its a bit of a different story. Chandler and Monica have known each other since they were in college and high school (Monica in high school and Chandler in college). Although the difference between Monica and Chandlers relationship than Monica and Richard's is that Monica and Chandler have more fights and disagreements. But also, Monica and Chandler's relationship lasted longer than Monica and Richards. Chandler was afraid to have kids, but he knew that Monica wanted to have some some day, he got more mature and became more confident about having kids. Monica and Chandler help balance each other out.


Who should be with Monica?

Chandler&Kathy vs. Chandler&Monica

Although Kathy had a past with Joey, she and Chandler fitted well together. Kathy and Chandler were madly in love before the accusations of cheating on one another. A quality that Chandler needs to work on is his jealousy. That's why Chandler and Monica got in a fight when they went to Vegas and that is the reason why Chandler and Kathy had their fight (before she actually did cheat on him). Although Chandler and Kathy don't have a lot of things in common besides the book (Valentin Rabbit and the TV show) but neither does Monica and Chandler. The only thing they have in common is knowing their friends. Should Chandler really be with Kathy?


Who Should be with Monica?

Rachel&Ross vs. Rachel&Mark

Rachel and Ross like Monica and Chandler have known each other for years except even longer. They have had many ups and downs. Like Ross lying about the annulment, cheating on her with Cloe, making a list of reasons why not wanting to be with her etc. You wouldn't think that her and Ross would end up together because of all the constant fights they have had. Even though they have a kid (Emma) together they still fought. Rachel and Mark met later on when Mark offered to help Rachel get a job at Bloomingdale's. Even though Mark liked Rachel he didn't act on it because he knew that Rachel and Ross were together. Mark and Rachel worked in the same field and had similar likes should they actually be together instead of Ross and Rachel? Ross and Rachel are good friends and know everything about one another should they be together?


Who Should be with Rachel?

Rachel&Joey vs. Rachel&Ross

Rachel and Joey was an unexpected relationship. We have no idea that they would date one day. Even though it was only for a short period of time they had a cute relationship. They went out on dates, they made sure Ross was ok with it (more like at the end though). Even though their relationship only lasted 2 weeks, Joey was very committed to their relationship. Joey had never been that committed to a relationship before until hi and Rachel got together. Should Joey and Rachel actually be together? The possibilities are endless!


Should Joey be with Rachel?

There are endless possibilities of who should end up with who. Some people are just meant to be. Do you think Chandler and Monica were destined to be or Rachel and Ross were meant to be together? Or should they be with other people? Friends is one of the favorite shows, but should it be done different? (nahhhh it shouldn't, but my friend kept saving that it should've been done differently)

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