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另一个层面:我们对产品的设计、生产、管理都要求精益求精,并且根据客户及市场需求不断完善。我们专做四芯轴压接工具,我们有这个冲劲,有这个进取心,一直沿着这个方向缔造锋芒。邮箱:[email protected]

We are in Precisetool(JingRui Instrument), so what does JingRui mean?

One level: we can explain separately, with “Jing” and “Rui”, and each word has its extension. For “Jing”, there exists some meanings: Precise, Exquisite, Best. We take all efforts to make tools the most precise and conduct delicacy management in the process of producing M22520 crimping tools, making the best. For “Rui”, there also exists some meanings: Sharp, Keen, Powerful. Our crimping tool is like a sharp Slasher, it can split all obstacles with unstoppable momentum, taking insight into the condition ahead, gallop across the battlefield.

The other level: We pursuit the perfection in the design of products, production and management, and Keeping constantly improving according to the demands of customers and market. We specialize in M22520 four-indent crimping tool, and we have stirrings and enterprise to create a cutting edge in this direction. Contact: [email protected]

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