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It seems as though everyone has something to say about Ronda Rousey's future (Should she retire or not) and Specifically about her Striking (Whose fault is it that she is so bad) just wrote an article saying it’s not Tarverdyan’s fault. This article interviews Firas Zahabi who in my opinion is being very kind to Edmund Tarverdyan (Ronda's Coach) stating in essence that Ronda is so deeply ingrained in her Judo background that she is "jittery", that they need a different approach.

A couple of things, first Zahabi is just bing nice to Edmund since it is Edmund's job as a coach to find the right approach. So let me show you the variable that will determine whose fault it actually is that Ronda lost... Besides the most obvious and truthful. That Amanda Nunes had the biggest influence on that fight!

You have to ask... Is Ronda Coachable?

I don't know Ronda, I've never met her so I can't speak to her attitude in the gym... I don't care if she seems like a Diva, or a snob. The only thing that matters is what her attitude is toward her coach when she steps on the mat. What I do know of Ronda is her prior success in Judo as well as her success in training in BJJ with Rener Gracie seems to indicate she is coachable. Ronda seems very intelligent. She seems to understand concepts of adaptability at least within the realm of grappling. So Ronda has the mental ability to learn and learn from others.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham

So does she have the physical ability? This seems to be the question that Firas is raising. Although I fought and trained others in MMA my background and expertise was as a striker. I have seen many men and woman that just didn't seem to be able to transition to be a proficient striker. Often when they ran into a brick wall they would be sent to me. My first question is can you dance, if so let see?

Striking is like dancing it is about rhythm, fluidity and timing. If you have enough of a natural aptitude for that I can make you a good striker. It's really that simple. So can she dance.

Granted these clips are silly it she doesn't look like she is putting in a ton of effort, She also doesn't look incredibly comfortable in her movement. But I would say there is enough basic rhythm there to be proficient striker.

Let me clarify a misunderstanding that I heard a lot fright after the fight and you heard from Edmund from Ronda's corner "Head Movement!!!" Move your Head!!!

Well this is almost impossible without proper footwork. This is where Ronda's game falls apart, her footwork is horrible. Ronda was bunny hopping in her fight with Holly and her Fight with Amanda. She hops with both feet off the ground at the same time. Vertical oscillation is the death of a fighter. You want your head to move up and down somewhat but not your feet (yes your feet come of the ground a tiny bit but that is to move you in a specific direction and to control distance). If you've ever watch down hill skying or motorcycle racing you'll hear the commentators speak of this principle. The longer your in the air the less control you have and the slower you move.

If you look at fighters that don't get hit much or they get hit but not square, it's because the have great movement. It is their footwork that allows them to move.

Ronda would move up in the air, she is stuck there. She hits the ground with both feet at once, she is decelerating her weight and she is momentarily stuck there. Plus punching force is generated by stepping with you punch (planting your punches to the ground.

So foot work is the start of it all, Yes her stance is poor she keeps her shoulder to high and her elbows come out which makes her an arm puncher. She punches with her force going through her outer two knuckles, which make her susceptible to a boxers fracture, She allows her hips to wiggle again because she doesn't step which make her an immobile fighter and shortens her punches. When she punches with her right hand her weight transition forward instead of down... I could pick apart a ton of things that are wrong with her stand up. But...

In Ronda Rousey you have a highly disciplined, Intelligent and coachable woman with reasonable amount of rhythm... If you go through videos of Edmund coaching her she clearly does what she is coached to do. So it is Edmunds fault.

Ronda should have someone work with her (no mirrors just feel) to shadow box for 20 minutes every practice to start, and 10 minutes at the end. Moving all over the floor like she is fighting. Not worrying about power at all, just focusing on weight, balance, rhythm, and distance.


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