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These never ended days we all we all got used to see movies based on videogames. As a gamer its still something that makes me so groovy to see. The time we spend on while we're waiting to see such a good adaption, we sometimes fail and dissapointed about the movie that we all waiting.

Its like capcom did know all of these expectations the gamer wants to see in the movie somehow. Lets begin with comparing with another franchise which also belongs to capcom.

If we compare it with Resident Evil as the same type of the subject, Dead Rising franchise are a hundred percent loyal to the franchise for my opinion. I decide to write this criticism after I watched the second part of the movie named ''Dead Rising Endgame'' As a gamelover, If there is one thing we all waiting to see is one of the main character from the game, and that is Frank West.

It totally gives you the zombie brutality, especially on the second part of the movie. If you saw and didn't like the Watchtower, you really need to see the Endgame whitch is pointing to give you what it couldn't give in the first part, and it answers all of your questions about what you have from first one. The Dead Rising Franchise is the movie that only can be seen on cranckle so for my opinion, it wins the compettion with Resident Evil over and over again.

Seeing Frank West in such a small role is not what we expected, but in the main time Chase Carter who acted by Jesse Metcalfe did a real good performance, even more than we expected from Frank West , who also acted by Rob Riggle in the first movie. That's really one of the good based type of movie that you all will enjoy watching it.

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