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The world needs more love.

It seems that we've had enough fear. We've seen enough headlines about people dying, we’ve lost too many lives too early, we’ve given ourselves enough of a hard time for being overweight / stressed out / not good enough / [insert your personal negative self-belief here].

We can’t just keep reacting to fear. We can’t keep sitting in the backseat, letting greed and hatred take the wheel, and then get frustrated that things aren’t going particularly well.

Are you ready to speak up?

Are you ready to stand for what you believe in?

Are you ready to do the work?

Are you willing to show up every single day?

Are you tired of excuses?

Are you tired of the fear?

Because I know I'm FED THE F UP with fear. I’m done with it. It’s lame and it won’t control me anymore.

We live in a time of crazy dichotomy. We’re more connected than ever before with advancements in technology, yet we've never been more disconnected from our social relationships, our communities, our family life, and our true selves. We act like we have it all together, but we have more mental illness and higher rates of suicide than we care to admit. We say we want to be happy, but we self sabotage our happiness every day by letting our lives be run by fear.

So, I ask you: Why are you here? Is it for a social media presence? Is it for swiping left or right on a dating app? Is it to live in debt from an education that didn’t really get you where you thought it would? Is it to seek external approval in order to feel worthy? Is it to suffer through this life day after day after day until eventually it’s over?

Or… can you see that you were made for something more? For something much bigger and more meaningful than this? That you were meant to break free from this prison you’ve constructed around yourself, the prison that society has helped make seem like a cozy little retreat for you to rest in? “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this…” society says. “Just stay here and watch Netflix and let things happen in the meantime.” That’s basically what society has been telling you. Are you really cool with that?

What about the world we live in? Are you here to sit back and watch as we destroy it slowly but surely every single day? As we blow each other to bits? As we point fingers and spew hatred toward anyone who will listen? Are you here to observe our self-destruction?

If that’s what you feel is your purpose, then alright… go ahead and sit back and watch the show. I, for one, refuse to participate in this passive society that’s become captive to fear. Thank you, but I’ve had enough. Starting now, I choose love instead.

Let’s rise up.

Bridge the gap between us and them.

Remember where you came from.

See that you are actually no different than anyone else. That we’re all connected.

That you have a voice, and you have this human body, and you can choose to do with it whatever you want. Like taking action. Like laughing in the face of fear and choosing love instead.

Like inspiring others with your words. With your art. With your message.

With your ballsiness to look at life as a choice – either to simply exist from a place of fear, or to thrive from a place of love – and to always, without a doubt, consistently choose the later.

I’m done responding to fear. I’m done letting it control my life. Are you?

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