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UFC 209 will have two of the most highly anticipated fights of the year

So far is shaping up nicely. This is a card with some "good" bad blood on it

  • Welterweight - Tyron Woodley (c) vs. Stephen Thompson
  • Lightweight - Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson
  • Heavyweight - Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt
  • Featherweight - Darren Elkins vs. Mirsad Bektić
  • Heavyweight - Todd Duffee vs. Mark Godbeer

We all remember the bad blood going into . Now Woodley and Thompson will have their highly contested rematch coming pf their draw in which both men admit to falling off their fight plan.

Khabib and Ferguson have missed two fights based on injuries and have a score to settle, which will inevetably land one of these men with a Red Panty Night

Of course Mark Hunt feels like he has no choice but to fight "The Cheat" Alistair Overeem.

The weigh-in and press nights should be explosive although I expect to stay classy the whole time.

I love the current top three fights on this card because this is a styles makes fights line up. It is all about length vs. Power Anyone can win but what will make the difference in the night is who is willing to press down the instinct of fighting and stick to the principles and plan for the fight.

The Fight with and will be about who can exert his aggression most effectively. That looks very different for both of these fighters. Tyron has to get Stephen on his back to win. Stephen has to not just snipe, and pick shots. He has to push Tyron back against the cage. If Woodley chooses to fight off the cage again, I would imagine Stephen will take advantage and keep Woodley on his heels. Maybe making it a short night.

If Stephen decides play the same game as UFC 205 Woodley will more than likely push forward and get the takedown.

What could change the game? Lets be honest we all loved the first fight, but we don't want to see a re-run. We want someone evolve, to step into to their potential and take control. The example is the difference between McGregor / Diaz 1 & 2... One fighter evolved one didn't

Here is what I'd like to see? I'd love to see Stephen come out with some Oblique Kicks. In addition to his normal arsenal. I'd love to see his hands take on a little more of a western style with different angles. If he learned a "45" (A long uppercut that comes at a 45 degree angle) has a beautiful "45". The strong likelihood is Tyron will get at least one takedown. Don't go to guard. Get those hips back and move... scramble to your feet.

I'm always shocked when guys that have no real ground game go to guard. If you have no submission don't allow it to get there. drill, drill , drill. don't go to your back. Get on your feet.

Tyrone needs to not respect Stephen's striking by moving back, but forward right away. Think Zingano vs. Nunes

Tyron needs to get Stephen down, or push Stephen's back to the fence work that clench game short powerful shots. Keep lower than Stephen, and drive forward. That's the key to victory.

The Fascinating thing for and is that it is a similar story, The difference is that these guys are more developed in their strengths but maybe not as complete in someways.

Khabib has to take this down, if he stays up he is done. Tyron could potentially win standing up. Tyron has a decent chin, while Khabib's is questionable. Tony is a more well rounded striker that Stephen... But he isn't an expert at any specific thing.

So Tony has more tools but isn't as proficient at using them. Tony in my opinion has to be willing to take a little punishment on his feet to keep the fight there. If he is patient, he will do well and probably catch Khabib. Khabib must get the fight to the ground, and grind.

Tony should go back and watch vs

My Perspective is that would get beat by . Yet he would beat . But Conor beats Khabib because he hits harder than Tony. So what happens here? This one is a mystery. It depends on who has the best plan and sticks to it.

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