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In present day there are tons and tons of kids, young adults, and even older adults that are addicted to any kind technological device. Even me, as a 17 year old high school student tend to use my device a bit more than I should. I believe that technology is slowly destroying our society. I bet not one person sees someone without a technological device where it is a computer or a cell phone. The more technology there is, the more we as in a society looses the ability to actually have a conversation to one another face to face.

The question is what can we do to fix such a world wide problem? To me I like sitting at the kitchen table during dinner and not being on my phone. I like hanging out with my friends and not have them be on Snapchat and say "Lets take a selfie!" To me personally I do not understand Snapchat, yes I hear others say "Snapchat is life" and "get to the program Jessica" but what does that mean. I am not going to vent about how Snapchat is unimportant and insignificant, but Snapchat does raise questions for me.

Personally what I Think

Even though technology is helpful and vital to some people's jobs (such as work and such...) to me it is also destroying people's ability to actually have an interaction with someone other than using a phone. I am not technology hater, but to me it is rude when people are on their phones when they are with their friends. I will admit that I have done that to my friends before but I wasn't constantly on my phone. I think since technology has become more advanced that people are slowly losing traditions. Like I remember sitting at the kitchen table at dinner time and not being on a cellphone. However, now I see people on their cellphones while eating dinner with their families. I truly believe that technology is a distraction but it is also helpful. But should kids under the age of 12 be on so much technology?

Now days all that people use is technology. It is hard to get away from it. Some technology is quite benefiting though. Like people play Just Dance whether it's on the Wii or PlayStation or Xbox they are using technology, but using it in a fun and active way. Parent wise, haven't you seen your kids or grand-kids constantly on their phones or technological device? Do you find it weird how they spend some much time on Snapchat or some kind of network that they just push everything else out of the way? Or when they get a message they quickly pick up the device and answer it?

Story Time

I work in a restaurant as a host (so I sit people and greet) and it always amazes me how people walk in with their 4 or 5 year old and they have a cellphone or a tablet. When I was young we had coloring books and toys not a tablet. One time I was in disbelief that a customer called the restaurant and was going to make a reservation but they had to ask this very vital question..... "Do you have those tablets at the table so that our kids can play games?" At the restaurant we don't have those so I replied with no we don't have those and they didn't want to come in because of that. It is quite sad that people don't go out have quality family time because a restaurant doesn't have a tablet to play dinner... Dinner is meant to be eating not playing on a tablet...

Snapchat...I don't get it....

To me I do not understand Snapchat. I do not see the point of it. You are just texting with can do that through messenger and other apps... Teenagers use Snapchat than actually talk to one another. I do not have a Snapchat or an Instagram, or Twitter, all I have is a Facebook account... Some people think that I am weird but why would I need all of those apps and accounts? I don't see the point of Snapchat or Instagram... what is the point? I hate it when people say "you need to get a Snapchat!" or "you really should get and Instagram account!" it's quite irritating, their minds are so focused almost polluted in the app that they are forgetting that they don't need an app to talk to me or send me pictures. I am not trying to bash Snapchat, but there is not really a point to Snapchat. And it is not just Snapchat it is also Instagram and Facebook. We don't really need any of those networks. Facebook's "connects" people together and help people find family members etc. But all those apps are, are entertainment. But people are rude when they use them, whether they write or post something. I've seen horrible comments people have said to each other on Instagram. And I don't think it's right.

Technology is a Vital Thing to Today's Society

People use technology all day everyday. Whether it is at a desk at work or at school when kids need to use the computer. Remember when we use to use pencil and paper (I know that is like dinosaur age!) I remember. Pencil and paper made me love to write. Now days applications for jobs are on the internet, scholarship are usually through computer, college applications are through computer. We use technology for everything. To look up music videos, to learn how to cook, to ask Google something etc. The possibilities to use technology is endless. People use technology at work to do documents, to hire people, to file documents, to do stocks etc. Even schools now are giving kids tablets to do work instead of actually using pencil and paper.

Should Elementary Schools be giving Kids Tablets?

Why are kids getting tablets when they are in Kindergarten? What kid needs a tablet at 4 or 5 years old? They should be learning the alphabet and how to write their name. I don't understand why kids need a tablet in elementary schools. When I was young it was learning how to write my name, playing with toys, and learning the alphabet. What happen to that? Imagine saying what did you do at school today and they said we just played on the tablet. What did you learn? Imagine you child saying I learned how to make a new tab. That would just be so sad. I am not trying to bash anything or anyone but technology raises a lot of concerns at least for me it does. People think it is the end of the world when their phones dies... I am on my phone I will admit that, but I am not constantly on my phone. What do your kids when they get home? Do they just sit on the couch pull out their phone and begin playing it or do they do homework. I was taught that I need to get my school work done before I can play any games or watch any TV. Schools are teaching kids that's it's ok to be on their technological device during class. It will make kids more attached to their technological device then they are now.

Even television is proving my point...
Even television is proving my point...

What Should We Do?

Is there really a solution to make kids stop being on their technological device besides taking it away? Technology advances everyday, and it gets harder each time to keep kids away from technology. As soon as they here the new x-box is coming out they want it. To me there is no way to stop kids for using a lot of technology because we advance it everyday and use it everyday. We could put a down time on technology. Saying you have to clean your room before you can play on the computer or watch TV. Generations are getting more lazier because they have easy access to getting answers because they have technology. But, you can't get things done the easy way. Nothing is easy to do or get done. Life isn't a walk in the park and technology is teaching people to take the easy way out when in reality it won't be the easy way out it will only make things harder in life.

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