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Lion is one of the better movies of 2016, but why didn't anyone see it? I loved this movie and think it could be nominated for best picture. The first 50 minutes blew me away they were intense, dramatic, and just outstanding. After that the movie sort of lost steam, but in the end the movie picked itself back up and went back to being amazing. Dev Patel is so goo in this movie and might just be nominated for an Oscar. Nicole Kidman also blew me away with her performance. Lion made me feel like a selfish pig because what that boy went through is awful, and I just sit here and talk about it. The poor kids in that country, oh jeez, this movie is really sad and will bring most of you to tears.

Go see Lion because it's a damn good movie and deserves to be watched, the music is great, the cinematography is great, the acting is great. The only thing wrong was the second act which was really slow, but other than that the movie was amazing and deserves a best picture Oscar. It's better than Hell or High Water in my opinion and it's much better than Sully so go ahead and give it a watch!

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