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Ever since those of the not-so elusive, and surprisingly populated cult, Gilmore Groupies, collectively gasped upon hearing those long awaited final four words of the show, everyone has been dying to know, will Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life be renewed?

Many writers of both popular and relatively unknown websites hypothesize, with the absolutely adorable naïveté of a child, that Gilmore Girls is going to be renewed. I mean, that joke about tying-in April's science fair project to the question of --SPOILER-- who Rory's baby daddy is, MUST be 's way of saying the show will be renewed.

I don't think I have ever before wished so badly to be able to pet professional bloggers on the head and say, "of course, sweetie." And, while almost every single person from the cast has indicated there has been no talk of renewing, that really can't be trusted since, I'll give you this, that had been said by most of the cast members leading up to the very day the reboot was confirmed.

While yes, almost everyone is crossing their fingers, hoping for a revival, no one is asking whether or not there should be a revival. There are very important and upsetting questions that need to be asked. Here are a few:

  • What if the plot is stretched too much and the story becomes boring or goes against the integrity of the original show?
  • What if a few of your favorite characters are missing because it's the real world and they already have other commitments? Is it really Stars Hollow without all your favorite, boyfriends and kooky characters? Milo Ventimiglia has his show, This is Us, Matt Czuchry is still on The Good Wife, and Liza Weil is playing another version of beloved Paris on How to Get Away with Murder.
  • What if Rory chooses the wrong guy? Who is the wrong guy? Well I know, and you know, but we probably have different answers. and, let me guess, you're ? So predictable.

But you see? There are a myriad of ways more episodes could hurt the great show we've all come to know and love, as well as our obsession with it. The Palladino Powerhouse can't guarantee everything will go without a hitch. My final answer?

Well, duh, give us more episodes! I can pretend to appreciate or discuss other viewpoints but honestly, there is no other answer. A new season could be terrible, but we will still want more. Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Groupies is like pizza to pizza lovers or coffee to coffee lovers. If you tell us the coffee is cold or bad, we're still probably going to drink it. That is because we love it, and no matter what, more of it is always what we need, no matter the potential consequences.

Kind of like when Max told Lorelai that she didn't HAVE to drink the bad coffee.
Kind of like when Max told Lorelai that she didn't HAVE to drink the bad coffee.

You see, when you love something as intensely as we Gilmore Groupies love Gilmore Girls, there's really no other answer than, "More! More! More!" That's because:

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Should Netflix renew "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" or risk the extinction of the Gilmore Groupie species. (Keep in mind, coffee sales would plummet.)

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