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Hey guys. This is my first post here. I love comics and I love to share my opinion with others and receive feedback. I've been waiting to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing this. I'm basically fancasting the whole DC Universe. Yeah now you might be thinking this will be the same old bullshit but I try to keep my stuff unique and entertaining while also being quality. So just give me a chance.

Today I'll cast Batman (obviously).

Batman is PROBABLY the most recognized superhero in the whole superhero genre. And he's also my favorite. So it feels wrong not to start my series with Batman.

So as he's one of the most famous superheroes around and one of the best I really need to picky when I'm choosing someone to portray him on the big screen. And I choose none other than Jon Hamm to play him. Yeah I can already hear you guys saying how obvious, this guy sucks (technically I can't but still). Just keep reading please and you'll know he's the right guy.


What do you need when you're casting someone to play Batman?

Physical Appearance:

⚫ He needs to be tall. Hamm is 6'2 so height is more than okay.

⚫ He has to look the part. Hamm certainly does. He's dark, handsome, has the jaw and chin. Just look at this comic cover and look at Jon Hamm.

He has a rich playboy look of Bruce Wayne to him but also with the darkness and grief of Batman. So by now you've all probably agreed that looks and height aren't an issue.

He also has a very deep and manly voice so we won't have to cover our years when he's talking like in TDK trilogy (No disrespect to the trilogy of course) Have a listen to his voice if you have any doubts:

⚫ Acting Ability:

But at the end of the day it all comes down to how good an actor can act. Jon Hamm became one of my favorite Television actors after I watched Mad Men. His charisma and superb acting skills was the main reason I watched the show. (It's a fantastic show so do check it out if you've got time)

Hamm was fabulous in the period drama. Now let's look at some traits of the character he played in the series. (The character's name is Don Draper)

• Don Draper is a very skeptical man. He doesn't believe or trust anyone. Now that's something Bruce Wayne definitely does. (Except Alfred obviously)

• Don Draper is arrogant and a workaholic. Bruce is definitely arrogant and he's the biggest workaholic in the DC Universe.

• He's a big womanizer. Now Bruce might not be Dan Bilzerian but he's still a womanizer.

• He really cares for his family. He feels extremely guilty for not helping his brother and that his brother killed himself. We see the same guilt in Bruce for his parents.

• He is a great tactician. He calculates all his moves and is one step ahead of his opposition most of the time. Bruce Wayne is the world's greatest detective. Enough said.

So from the above points you can see that the character Don Draper has quite a few things in common to our Bruce Wayne. And Jon Hamm has played that character for 7 years. So it's quite obvious he won't have a problem playing the caped crusader.

Take a look at this video from Jon's movie Stolen (2010). Just look at the anger and hear the rage in his voice. Imagine this in a batsuit. He seems like the perfect Batsy already.


I absolutely loved Ben Affleck as Batman. He was dark, intimidating and a very good Batman. I had many problems with Batman vs Superman but Affleck's Batman wasn't one of them. He is the best and most comic accurate Batman we've seen to date. I'm very excited about the upcoming Batman movie. But I just think Jon Hamm can do it better. He can take Batman to another level. The balance he can bring between Batman and Bruce Wayne is just beyond my imagination.


I don't really have any other choices to play the Dark Knight but if I had to pick someone else maybe for a TV Show or something I would choose Brett Dalton.

Dalton was one of my favorite things about Agents of Shield. His character development was probably the best in the show. His mysterious HYDRA reveal still remains as one of my favorite TV show moments. He displayed great acting chops while portraying his character Grant Ward. He played a disturbed double agent in the show. If given the chance I think he can play a fairly young Bruce very well. He's also 6'2 which helps.

So those are my choices for Batman even though I loved Batfleck. Follow me for more DC Fancasting. After completing this series I might even do a movie plot for a film including the people I cast.

Who would you want as Batman? Do let me know in the comments below. And also please provide some feedback on how I should improve my writing !



What do you think of my choices?

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