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It was a normal day at the zoo , before people come the penguins ate breakfast , then people arrived , and watched the animals they love.

Yesterday, the penguins ate breakfast like everyday , (AFTER BREAKFAST) , THEY WANTED TO SWIM A BIT BUT IT WAS VERY HOT OUT SIDE , THEN KING Julian APPEARED , HE THOUGHT THEY ARE DANCING (THE WATER DANCE) ,( AFTER A WHILE), They thank about going out for a holiday at the beach, BUT first they need to give Alice (THE ZOO KEEPER) a break , thank goodness they did .

THEY thought that they are free ,but they saw the alternative ,but they said okay , but then x came, and he still remember the penguins ,and the last times they lost his job as an officer, and he came to revenge from the penguins that fired him from all his jobs.

(First time) they used the train and the tickets , but officer x found them, before they use the tickets, and go away using the train.

(Second time) the were digging to go away ,but officer x "or you can say alternative x",found them ,and they did not go away.

(Third time) they tried to go out by the vent fan, but officer x found them .

(Every time) they try to escape,x finds them , until they found an idea, trying to fight him, is the only way they can win, they used all their old ways to fight him, and they tried a new way , by using a food truck, and they made it as an aeroplane,but x found them , then kowalski dropped the salt, and it was going to rain ,but then it rained+


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