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It's now under a year until the Justice League makes its big screen debut, and we see Ezra miller bring Barry Allen/ the Flash to life in DC’s Cinematic Universe. (or DCEU if you want to be exact.) We've only seen a few seconds of Ezra Miller's take on Barry Allen and the Flash. Despite this, Warner Brothers has seemingly already upset a lot of fans of the Flash TV show.

The general feeling is that fans of the CW take on the character would have preferred to see Grant Gustin take the role of the Flash in the cinematic universe, as well as his role in the TV show. These fans were disappointed to learn that instead the role had been re-cast. This includes the whole of the DC tv universe too, so no hope for Stephen Amell's green arrow in the DCEU anytime soon either. Despite the negativity surrounding this, I personally feel like this is a good move from DC, i'm going to break down a few key points to show you why.

1. Two Flash’s (With the possibility of two Green Arrows)

There is no argument that the Flash TV show is a huge success, certified fresh with a score of 97% on rotten tomatoes for its first season. With more seasons on the way, it doesn't look like the show will be slowing down anytime soon. But despite being able to see the Flash on the small screen for many more seasons to come, fans still don't seem to like the idea of an additional actor portraying the Flash. Yes, Grant Gustin does an incredible job at capturing the personalities of both Barry Allen and the Flash, but the question is, what could be better than one Flash? The answer of course, having two Flash’s. Ezra Miller starring as the scarlet speedster doesn't mean that Grant Gustin will stop playing the role on the small screen. This of course means that fans of the Flash, both the comics and TV show get to see two very different takes on the character. There's no need to pick a favourite, as an audience we are lucky enough to be able to see multiple versions of the same character.

This goes for fans of Green Arrow too. Similar to the Flash, many fans were disappointed to hear that after meetings with Warner Brothers, Stephen Amell would not be starring in Justice League, or any of the DC movies for that matter. Once again, this does not mean Stephen Amell will stop playing the character, just that we will only see him portray the Green Arrow on the small screen. With no confirmation of Green Arrows existence in the DCEU, this may be the only portrayal of the character we see for quite some time.

From what we have seen so far, in my opinion I think Ezra Miller could bring a lot to the role, and show a different interpretation of Barry Allen to what we have already seen.
From what we have seen so far, in my opinion I think Ezra Miller could bring a lot to the role, and show a different interpretation of Barry Allen to what we have already seen.

2. The Crossover Problem

The second reason I believe separate universes may be a good thing is the crossover problem. Similar to when fans wanted Christian Bale’s batman to star in Batman v Superman, it would raise a lot of questions from audiences. For example, if this Batman existed in the Batman v Superman world, where was Superman when Gotham was being held hostage for 7 months? And why did superman not help? This is not dissimilar to the Marvel universe. It's very hard to invest in a solo superhero plot without thinking ‘why don't they just call another avenger?’ I personally think that if the cinematic universe and TV universe were connected, the stakes for shows such as arrow and the flash would not feel as high. If Star City was about to be destroyed once more, audiences would be left wondering why Oliver Queen didn't simply call superman to solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

3. More Content

Similar to my first point about having more than one version of the character, separate universes means we as fans get to enjoy more content with our favourite Justice League members. For example, on average one episode of a TV show takes around 1-2 weeks to film. With Arrow and the Flash, there are 23 episodes in a season, that's at least 6 months filming out of a year, and likely to be more. To put this into perspective, principle photography for Batman v Superman began on May 19, 2014. Filming wrapped on December 5, 2014. A total of just under 7 months, not including re-shoots and pre production work the actors had to do beforehand. With this in mind, it means that if Grant Gustin were to star in the Flash movie, it is unlikely we would get a full 23 episode season of the Flash, if we were to get a season at all. Im sure many fans would agree, we would rather watch 23 full length episodes of the Flash tv show, in addition to a 2.5 hour movie, rather than one or the other.

4. Keeping DC Unique

A smaller point, but still one worth mentioning. With DC’s film universe still growing, many comparisons have already been made to the Marvel universe. Since there are many similarities in the general way their movie universes are organized and laid out, it may be a good thing that DC has gone a different route for their TV universe.

5. It Opens The Door For New Fans

Lastly, a vital point to remember is that not everybody who watches the Flash movie will have seen the TV show. The flash movie isn't due for release until 2018. By that point, the TV show will be on its 4th or 5th season (depending on the date of release). We expect that by this point Grant Gustin's portrayal of the Flash will be much more experienced and powerful, with 5 years of character development and backstory behind him. It is more than likely a large amount of people that watch the film wont entirely know who the flash even is. This opens the door for a possible origin story within the Flash movie, in addition to some backstory. This is something im people who are unfamiliar with the character will appreciate, as it will introduce them to the Flash, and not require them to have seen every episode of the flash tv show. Hopefully creating more fans in the process.

So there you have it, those are my top reasons as to why I think separate DC universes are a good idea. Since the Flash has already traveled to a different universe, it would be cool to see Ezra Miller run his way onto the Flash TV show for a brief cameo, or vice versa. It's unlikely to happen, but would be a cool nod to fans nonetheless. We'll have to wait until 2017's Justice League film to get our first detailed look at Ezra Millers version of the Flash. Until then, you can watch Grant Gustin portray the scarlet speedster on the CW tv series The Flash.

What do you think? Would you agree that having two versions of the flash is better than one? Let us know in the comments below.

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