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PLOT:The night manager of a Cairo hotel is recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer's inner circle.

Although,it's a 6-part episodes,and from that amount of episodes you expect a fast pacing rhythm to develop the story,some times it becomes a little bit boring but finds the way nearly in the last 2 episodes.

Tom hiddleston and Hugh laurie,are the heart and soul of the series with good performances from other actors such as Elizabeth debicki,Tom hollander and Olivia colman.

Winning 3 golden globes (best actor TOM HIDDLESTON) ( best supporting actor HUGH LAURIE) (best female supporting actress OLIVIA COLMAN),helps the series to become more and more popular,and i am sure that some people will probably admire it.

TO SUM UP: THE NIGHT MANAGER is a series that has good potentials to become something great ,but struggles through the middle and loses the idea that the series had in the first place.It's a lifeless complination of drama,romance and spy ,that in this case aren't working.


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