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One day Amanda woke up.she was in college , and then she saw in her mobile that it was her birthday , but even she didn't care , her friends tried to surprise her , but that didn't work , she was going to spoke them , but that worked , she wanted to have a birthday without partying , but anyways she cared about her self , after a hilarious day she went to college, their she saw her friends,and told them " i don't want any birthdays", then they finished college, mean while her sister, today was her birthday too , she made it in school ,and she was happy their when she was going back, she saw her sister going back home too ,but she was upset , her sister tried to ask her" what's wrong " she didn't reply, ( after a while ), she pushed her sister into the mud , then she got home, , she wanted a bitter life than this ,( after a while) , her sister said to her animal gary " i wish today was better for my sister ", (the next day),she went to school , but her sister gaved her a surprise in her bedroom closet , after college it was the holiday time ,she finished college,and today she saw her twin sister's surprise , a beautiful dress,and pink, she kissed her sister,and then she said " it's the best surprise gift i ever had . thanks sis"

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