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Today, Spongebob was going to go home with Gary's food, and then Patrick was going to ask Spongebob a question , but Patrick forgot what he wanted to ask Spongebob. then Spongebob found a paper , that paper was about the ping pong delivery ( Because they didn't find him. so they will give him the delivery),( after a while), they gave him the delivery, but he forgot Gary's food, he was playing with the ping pong , then Gary told Spongebob that he wants to eat , then Spongebob shouted in his face ,Gary left Spongebob , he wrote a litter, and left him like this many days , then Spongebob REALIZIED that Gary LEFT HIM , (Meanwhile ), Gary found a new person to give him what he wants,but soon Gary went away from the NEW PERSON ( THE GRANDMA) , ,and then Spongebob had give up from finding GARY , then GARY FOUND SPONGEBOB ,and they both are happy forever

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