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Music theme: Echelon (The Core version) (30 Seconds to Mars)

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At the Space Ship...

Woke up before everyone else. ‘Pretended to sleep’. The Emperor and the Viscount woke up and were talking about me. The Viscount said “We'd better not wake him up or he'll get the cleanest bowl”.

Because I wanted to get the cleanest bowl, I suddenly shot out of bed and went downstairs before the Emperor and the Viscount had time to react.

Downstairs, in the kitchen, I noticed that there was no set of three bowls (which there usually is). So, instead, I got the cleanest bowl out of the “washed items” pile, and the cleanest spoon out of the drawer of washed cutlery.

I hid them under the Captain's desk and then went back upstairs again.

The others soon went downstairs (the Emperor was fully dressed and the Viscount was still in his ‘Combat Zone Robot Action’ pyjamas) to “Find Lyri's bowl which should rightfully be ours”.

I thought that I should have left a fake “clean bowl” on the shelf in the kitchen, as a decoy.

I got dressed and had breakfast (three shredded wheat), with a particular number of drops of cream (I was competing with the precise Emperor).

Afterwards, I went upstairs and read ‘Harry Potter’ more (a bit of chapter 8 of ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’).

Later in the day, I and the Emperor had a shooting contest (with a yellow rubber band) against each other. I used it as artillery at the foot of the stairs, and it was very effective.

We had dinner.

I went upstairs again later. The Emperor and the Viscount came upstairs too, and the Viscount put ‘The Core’ on again, all the way to the end. Then he went to the part where the lightning blows up the Coliseum (click here to see).

The Emperor said, truthfully, that the Viscount was a so-called “paramaniac” and wanted to see destruction no matter what was destroyed, like Sauron. The Viscount did a ‘happy evil’ face at me.

I said to the Emperor, “you mean pyro-maniac.”

The Emperor said the Viscount, “you'd even be happy if Minas Tirith got destroyed like that Coliseum in ‘The Core’.”

The Viscount got an idea. He said, “What a good idea! Minas Tirith popped and all the bits of it went so far that they landed on Minas Tirith.”

The Emperor pointed out the Viscount's mistake.

The Viscount got really angry and said, “I meant Osgiliath.”

The Emperor said the very funny phrase, getting higher-pitched at every stage: “Minas Tirith popped and all the bits went up to Minas Tirith. And then Minas Tirith popped and all the bits went up to Minas Tirith. Then Minas Tirith popped and all the bits went up to Minas Tirith.” etcetera, until he had run out of breath, and I had been laughing loads.

The Viscount then threw his cushions and at us in a fake mad rage, and we had a pillow fight.

We all had tea – Lancashire Hot Pot.

Afterwards, we prepared to leave the Space Ship. In the meantime, we watched a Hercule Poirot detective film (the one with the murder mystery with a poisoning, which I still had visions of watching at the Wizard's house in the mid-1990s along with a ‘rifle-caused-a-cave-to-collapse’ film).

We went back to the Nest.

I finished ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ Chapter 8 and went to bed.

The Emperor was on ‘Sudden Strike’.

I went to sleep.

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