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Since the release of “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” back in March of last year, the film has become a hot button topic in the world of fans. Some felt the film was the new beginning of an era. DC’s time to shine on the big screen. Others, however, felt the movie was tiresome, ill paced, poorly casted, and just an all-around mess of a film. This backlash set the stage for an even bigger let down with DC’s second attempt at franchising, “Suicide Squad”, a film that I’ve already seen in two bargain bins today.

But you can’t really blame the fans…

Most people, like myself, just want to see a decent picture. They want to feel as thrilled leaving a theater as they do coming into it. It turns out we weren’t alone in this feeling. A few months after the film’s release an editor by the name of Job Willins decided to conduct an experiment. The goal was to use material from both “Man of Steel” and “Batman V. Superman” to form a single, feature-length, 3-act film that focused on Superman.

The result became, “Man of Tomorrow.”

A lean, fun and fast action adventure that managed to fuse the most interesting elements of the two movies into an amazing blockbuster.

Check out the trailer below:

A few days after “Man of Tomorrow” was uploaded to the web it was requested by Warner Brothers that it be taken down. Many assumed that this was the end of its run. However, in all actuality, the film still remains online, password protected on Vimeo.

The link to the film is here (pw: peachtea):

Be sure to also check out Job’s other works such as “Ripley” which reconfigured “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection” into a single black-and-white film, and “Derelict,” which put together “Alien” and “Prometheus” into a distinct feature.

Sound off your thoughts about “Man Of Tomorrow” in the comments section.

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