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  • This is us review by Charles Kiwacz owner and lead reviewer of Nerd Herder and Nerd o Rama

This is not our normal type of show to review here but trust me its worth the attention as a heroes fan I watched this show to see Milo aka Peter petrelli since he was my favorite after and character on that show however after episode one (and even knowing the "twist" ahead of time) I feel in head deep and normally hate on "emotional" shows but somehow the writing here is so brilliant it perfectly carries the weight of comedy, drama, modern day issues, and yet never feels unbelievable or overdone despite the fact they somehow have written two shows that air together with the time periods showing both parents struggling to find their place raising three children and simultaneously stories about those 3 children struggling to find themselves and their roles in the modern world. The laundry list of topics covered in the first 10 episodes alone show why this show was renewed for the rare 2 season order. Writers blend in race issues, adoption and true parentage issues (to which I can relate), body image issues, alcoholism, backstabbing,and pain while somehow adding in the best elements of issues w true parentage,body image,sibling rivals and the true family dynamic shines thru both time periods, another great aspect of this show is the flash forwards and the twist endings. I never imagined this show would captivate me the way It did and I never thought I'd ever lol Mandy Moore as an actress lol but here I am breaking from the norm of nerd culture here to tell you all to take the time to give this show a shot. There truly is something for everyone and the amount of topical "plates" of story emotion all spinning at once would surely crash and burn if not for the flawless execution from top to bottom writers to actors to the cinematography itself I truly believe this is some of the best television I've ever seen and would with zero hesitation hold it on par if not above Game of Thrones as the best story telling on television today and already one of the best TV shows ever made only half way in to its first season. We all know writers change actors leave and other circumstances can alter the trajectory of a show and perhaps cut its life short but with the two season renewal they now have a guaranteed 36 more hours of story to tell and if they continue at the current rate I see no reason to think we all wont be watching this show for years to come. Lastly, this is the first show since how I met your mother or parks and rec that I can with hesitation say there is not one cast member that doesn't pull their weight EVERY scene, Sterling K Brown my choice for and Justin Hartley however are giving career defining performances. This is what TV should be, this is easily one of my favorite shows and this is what you need to watch because as the title suggests....This is us

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