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Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure was released for Android a few of months back yet it’s as of now made it into our best offline android list, and it may even be the best game here. It’s convincing and dazzling in equivalent measure. Alto’s Adventure is an auto-runner (or auto-guest, maybe) in which you should direct snowboarder Alto down a deceptive mountain.


Limbo is a distressing 2D platform games, in which you a control a young man who’s entered a forlorn, monochromatic world looking for his sister.

It’s an exemplary PC outside the box diversion that has been ported with extraordinary care onto Android. Limbo’s reality is tragic, shocking and excellent, and you’ll soon be excessively drenched in its mysterious story, making it impossible to think about the way that you don’t have a internet connection.


Sorcery 2 is a cross between a ‘pick your own particular enterprise’ storybook, and a role playing games. You play as a knight crossing the scene where your advance is to a great extent represented by your responses to different inquiries.

There is a lot of perusing included, however the turn-based battle system keeps things fun. The interface is stunning, just like the medieval workmanship style, and it includes a sharp spare system that adequately rewinds time, giving you a chance to change your answers in the event that you cause yourself harm.


Life is Modest in BADLAND. You control stout and miserable winged sacks that move up, move down, and generally go in the right direction. They band together in large numbers now and again,however simply because they are sure to soon bite the dust in similary extensive numbers. Under your direction, these sorry creatures are squashed, blown away, compacted and caught in a tenacious survival-of-the-fittest battle towards some unknown end.


The medieval RTS diversions so popular on PC have failed to find a home on Android for generally, yet Townsmen offers maybe the most ideal approach to make tracks in opposite direction from you computer. Offering a complex economy that is pleasingly testing to oversee, alongside a well known visual tasteful,Townsmen has bountly to hold you returning.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a one-on-one, free-to-play fighting game. You take on a series of warriors in silhouetted battles, gaining new weapons and learning new moves as you progress.

The games plays at a slower pace than many fighting games; there is a postpone between you inputting activities and them happening on screen. This makes right around a Dark Souls-like battle feel, and it’s one of the key qualities of Shadow Fight 2: it’s not only your responses or system that are essential, achievement additionally relies on upon your decision of moves and timing.

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