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Harry Potter Books

It all begins back in '90s, when a young lady named J.K. Rowling conceived the idea while waiting on a train station. A train that eventually through the platform 9 3/4 would lead us all to the magical universe of Harry Potter.

When the first book arrived, it opened the door for all of us ,to a world that travelled us to magical stories that will keep us company in our lives. All seven books are full of wonderful characters that can both exist in stories in a magic world and in real life among every each one of us. It's a story about a boy - Harry - that lives with a curse that will follow him in his life. Throughout the adventure, he (and through him, us) will meet Hermione and Ron, Harry's two best friends, who teach us what friendship is and that with true friends by your side, you can overcome every obstacle in your life.

In Hogwarts (the school of witchcraft and wizardry, duh), Albus Dumbledore enters the story and our hearts. The headmaster of the school among other things -- no spoilers in this article -- is the person you want by your side in your life. He makes you understand through stories in all seven books in your own way love, hate, fear, time. To believe! To live your life and not rush it. Each page of every book makes you love him more, you come closer and closer to him and he's indeed a worthy headmaster.

You turn each page and you learn about Rubeus Hagrid, a friendly giant, who is a real life lesson. In my way i translate him as the biggest example of the so, world-wide, famous phrase don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge someone by his appearance but from his heart and Hagrid has a heart as big as his body. You meet professor McGonagall who at first place seems like the teacher you don't want to have at your school. As the pages turn and the books continue, she is exactly the teacher you would love to have. Her students are like her children,she loves them more than anything and that sometimes means she has to be strict. From the shadows of the pages makes his appearance professor Severus Snape. A man that you love to hate. A weird relationship between readers and professor Snape ,that is an open world, where every story as you progress on the adventure, changes that line of love/hate --as i said before, no spoilers, there is always time for newer generations to be involved in this wonderful universe--. A significant character of the who appears to teach defence against the dark arts but what he really does is teach us what love is, dedication. He may be a dark character but light shines from his heart. He shows us that we don't always have to speak cause actions is what matters at the end. . In the third instalment of the book saga, J.K. Rowling gives birth to a character beyond imagination and his name is Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry. A man that throughout his life faced many obstacles but he managed to overcome everything. The story that is shown to us and only a small part of his life makes us believe that he is the biggest fictional badass we'll ever meet.

And now the other half of Harry, you know who,right? In the he might be the bad guy ,but you can learn things even from the most psychotic dude ever. A character that despite the public hate, you can find moments that you sympathized with him. A person so confident in his powers that fears nothing in order to achieve his goals. Seems like real life huh?

It took 7 books to say just part of the story. Harry Potter is a universe that ,yes is magical but at the same time it feels so real. Because it is real. Life is magic and all the little things matter. Love-Hate-Anger-Friends-Teamwork-Memories and so many more. Each reader can find himself in the place of the protagonists of the stories which are told in the books and that is trully magic.

Harry Potter Movies

Every book universe with a story to tell, deserves its own movie adaptation. is not an exception. The main problem with every book that becomes a movie is the same. You can't get in a two or three hours movie a whole book. Many details get lost and that is understandable. You also have to show respect to the book ,treat it like a treasure and not a treasure-maker. Harry Potter movies do that to a large scale. They are well directed and at times you can feel the magic in the air. When you play a role in a movie adaption of a book, as an actor you have to portray all the things someone who have not read the book, understand through the movie. The actors and actresses are chosen wisely for the roles which they will play, well not all, we are all feeling a bit weird about Daniel Radcliffe,huh?

  • You can easily see and feel how both actors(Richard Harris in 1-2,Michael Gambon in 3-8),expressed all the thing Albus Dumbledore made us feel in the books with their wonderful performances on screen.
  • Gary Oldman made us love even more Sirius Black, which is a difficult task to do.
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange showed us through the screen all the aspects of her psychotic character we knew or didn't knew from the books.
  • The wonderful Alan Rickman who portrayed Severus Snape, exactly and even more from the books.
  • Maggie Smith as professor McGonagall, was the perfect cast for the role, simple as that.
  • Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as Hermione and Ron, were not only the best friends of Harry but also us for 8 movies.
  • Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy made us wanna jump through the screen from anger and that means, job well done Tom.
  • Last but not least, the exceptional Ralph Fiennes who portrayed you know who, better than i imagined it could be done.

The future of the Harry Potter Universe

It's a universe that can tell so many stories than can provide us with books and movies for another 20 years.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is a prequel to the chronicles of Harry Potter and the first of the trilogy or pentalogy(?) of the series. A wonderful new story in the magical universe we all love either we are kids or grown ups. Magic is in the soul, not the body. It has great cast, great story so J.K. Rowling and cinema studios, please! Keep them coming!


Who is your favorite character from the universe ?

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