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Now the past year, 2016 is over now and we start looking ahead like what comes in next in field of games,technology etc. In field of games this year comesout with heap of new game and come out with unique and Addorable features and graphics.


WarFriends takes the substance of shooting diversions, however makes it a ton more approachable for the easygoing player, which is dependably something to be thankful for. Almost it accomplishes this is through the graphical style of the characters and animations; don’t imagine it any other way, you’re attempting to dispose of the other player, however it doesn’t adopt a reasonable strategy to the representation and therefore, it’s better time than distressing.

Your essential task remains as before, yet there’s a lot of weapons, character and squad overhaul options present as well, so there’s parcels to delve into and work towards opening on the off chance that you have the patience for it.

With heaps of various components to rank up, an assortment of weapons and the crude interest of one-on-one fights against different players, WarGames is justified regardless of a look.

Froggy Ribbit: Outrun the Chef

On the off chance that WarFriends isn’t generally your speed, and you simply need a game you can play for two minutes while you sit tight for a prepare, Froggy Ribbit is somewhat similar to a current ‘Frogger’, with the exception of you need to get away from a kitchen as opposed to cross a street.

The controls are remarkably basic – you simply need to edge the way you need to bounce to attempt and escape the chef intent expectation on transforming you into lunch. Fun representation and sounds consolidate with a basic overarching task to make Froggy Ribbit sufficiently engaging to download. It’s not excessively simple, either, regardless of the straightforward objective.

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