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4 Easy Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Business's Security

By Devon Gluck ⋅ Posted on April 24, 2017 at 7:08pm

Running a business is a great responsibility that creates a significant amount of stress on a daily basis. They are so many things to worry about when managing a company, so why let the quality of your security be added on to the list of concerns? Whether your business is big or small, any kind of larceny or vandalism have the ability to put you and your company at great physical and financial risk. Be proactive and invest in the type of security your company needs. Here are 4 things you can do to increase the quality of your business’ security while decreasing your stress level at the same time:

Here’s How...

One of the easiest ways to improve your business’ security is to install high-grade locks on all of your doors. If you are ever faced with an unexpected break-in, the quality of your locks can be crucial to the safety of you, your business, and your employees. If you have a room filled with valuable equipment or files dedicated to classified information, it is advised to install a high-security lock on those doors for maximum protection. If you believe that your locks would not provide an intruder with any difficulty, then it is time to upgrade your locks. Changing your locks every so often would be beneficial as well, especially if you have a few disgruntled former employees (Source).

Another great way to improve your security is to invest in video surveillance. You will have the ability to place the surveillance cameras in all the necessary places within your building and outside of it, too. Most video surveillance systems will provide you with a live feed on your desktop or even on your smartphone. In many situations, if a potential thief notices the cameras, there is a great chance that they will get discouraged and forfeit their plan. But in the event that there is a robbery of sorts, the videos will be able to assist any law enforcement officials with their investigation.

If you have already installed a security system within your building, then you should consider investing in a redundant communications system along with a backup battery. Together, these systems will be able to send out an emergency alarm signal to local police stations under any circumstances. Even if the power goes out or the phone line is dead, the redundant communications system and backup battery are still capable of sending out a signal. This system is also ideal for the nights that no one is in the building (Source).

Lastly, another sufficient way in increasing your business’ security is to hire a floor marshall, better known as a security guard. A security guard will be able to control and monitor who is coming in and out of the building at all times. In case of an emergency, security guards are qualified to take the appropriate action to protect the well-being of the employees.

If you believe that your company’s security needs an upgrade, consider these 4 practical ways to increase its quality. By implementing the ones that are the best option for your business, you’ll be saving yourself from the added stress a potential break-in can cause.

About the Author

Devon is a writer on behalf of Adam's Locksmiths. Adam's Locksmiths is a family owned and operated and has proudly served all areas within Broward and Palm Beach Counties for over 30 years. They specialize in fast, friendly and reliable locksmith service and are always honest and fair with their pricing. Licensed, bonded and insured, Adams Locksmiths has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and established a positive reputation throughout South Florida.

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