Verified Creators Terms

Hello! At, our goal is to help you develop and build your own unique fan voice via our platform on (the “Site”) or other websites owned by Moviepilot, Inc. (“Company”, “us” or “our”).

We hereby invite you (the “Verified Creator”) to write original articles, texts or other contributions (collectively, “Posts”) as a verified creator on the Site. Your Posts will be published on your profile on the Site and we may also choose to publish your Posts on our affiliate websites (for example, and (collectively, the “Affiliate Sites”). An updated list of all Affiliate Sites can be found on the site. The creation, uploading and/or updating of such Posts by you on the Site is herein referred to as the “Activities.”

The following Verified Creator Terms will lay down some ground rules for you in your use of the Site as a verified creator. It should be clear that nothing in these Verified Creator Terms constitutes an employment or a similar relationship between you and us. Your status as a verified creator and the contractual relationship between you and us can be ended by either you or us at any time without notice. Our Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and Privacy Policy still apply to you in your role as a verified creator – please read these Verified Creator Terms carefully in addition to the Terms of Service. Warning: legal jargon to follow!

These Verified Creator Terms set forth the conditions for a legally binding contract between you and the Company with respect to your use of the Site and the Activities, and are incorporated into the Terms of Service by reference.

By using the Site or performing Activities in any manner, you agree to these Verified Creator Terms and all other operating rules, policies and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Site by us, each of which is incorporated by reference and each of which may be updated from time to time without notice to you. If you do not agree to these Verified Creator Terms, you may not use the Site or perform Activities.

For purposes of clarification, the definition of “User Content” in the Terms of Service includes the Posts. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined herein have the meaning set forth in the Terms of Service. In the event of any conflict between the terms of these Verified Creator Terms and those of the Terms of Service, the terms of these Verified Creator Terms shall control. 

1. Requirements; Activities

2. Revenue Share

In consideration of the Verified Creator’s performance of the Activities, the Company shall pay the Verified Creator a revenue share (“Revenue Share”), in accordance with the following terms:
The above payment model is subject to change, in the Company’s sole discretion. The parties expressly exclude the applicability of an expense allowance.

3. Termination

Both parties are entitled to terminate these Verified Creator Terms in writing without giving reasons and without regard for a notice.

The Company shall be entitled to terminate the verified creator status and these Verified Creator Terms with immediate effect in the event the Verified Creator breaches these Verified Creator Terms. In such case, The Company shall be entitled to immediately deny the Verified Creator’s ability to publish Posts on the Site.

Sections 1 - 3 shall survive any termination of these Verified Creator Terms.

4. Support

Effective Date: 3rd March, 2016.